Mama records was born from the visionary minds of 3 people very distant from each other but, at the same time, very close in the realization of a common dream. Their idea is to combine the old recording tradition with the new production and promotion trends. Old tradition: scouting for new artists realization of their music in all aspects such as arrangements, recordings Using the best session man e creation of reproduction media such as cd. All this then passing through a promotion path focused on all media stores, radio and the world of the web. Mama records aims to follow the entire realization path on the musical and also audiovisual level by creating video clips in order to offer the artist a product that moves 360 ^ in the world music scene also making use of various partnerships with some of the most interesting and innovative management and promotion agencies



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Massimiliano Patini

Born in Rome in 1972, at 19 he began his career as guitarist in various original and cover music bands, playing in all the most important clubs in the capita and all over italy. working with and for many artists of different thickness or outcome. Its 30th year career leads him to become, as well as guitarist, also to be: singer, author composer, arranger, producer, video clip director and then realize the dream of opening his own record company to be able to give voice to those artists who cannot find answers from the big record companies.

Marco Caboni

Born in Rome 1963 .. At the age of 16 he began working as a sound engineer in various radios. He lends his voice to radio commercialsand later on, he dedicated himself to organizing major events, including charities, with the involvement of great artists of the Italian and foreign music and entertainment scene. Serious person, reliable and with a great ear for beautiful music

Christian Schio

Born in Milan in 1976, he began as a child to work and disassemble computers. When he was 8 years old, he created his first video games. Over the years he has been adding computer knowledge and developing a passion for videos and photography, until he has worked on highly successful television channels and on tours of great artists. Computer technician, webmaster, photographer and video clip editor.

Caboni Patini Schio Records SL.
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