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From Rome to Lanzarote

Unveiling the Melodic Journey: ‘From Rome to Lanzarote’ Album Launch Next Week The musical landscape is about to be enriched with the much-anticipated release of ‘From Rome to Lanzarote’, a project that seamlessly blends ambition with artistry. This project is masterfully divided into three distinct phases, each adding depth and dimension to the overall experience. From Rome to Lanzarote

Chiara Rossi – Son mis amigos (Cover of Amaral)

Link Youtube: https://youtu.be/UhHlWCCnGBc Versión restaurada de “Son mis amigos” de Amaral. Cantante: Chiara Rossi Directed: Christian Schio Soundtrack: Massimiliano Patini Coros: Viviana Bassetti, Massimiliano Patini Editing Video: Christian Francesco Directed: Christian Schio Un video de: Mama Records Caboni Patini Schio Records SL. https://www.mamarecords.net Watch Now NEW COVER Listen on Spotify

Chiara Rossi – Sentirme Viva (Acoustic Live)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJim8MLCAWA Cantante: Chiara RossiGuitar: Massimiliano Patini Guitar: Carlo BisioCamara and Editing: Christian Schio Assistance: Maida Foscaro, Viviana Bassetti, Letizia e Annalisa Carasciali Previous Next

Chiara Rossi – Sentirme Viva

26th March, 2021 Sentirme Viva Chiara Rossi THE NEW SONG DOWNLOAD GRATIS Thank you very much or the many views of my video on Youtube DOWNLOAD GRATIS

Chiara Rossi – Gravedad

Product Details Release Date: February 18, 2021Label: MAMA RecordsCopyright: © MAMA RecordsTotal length: 00:05:22Genres: Pop Listen in Spotify

Chiara Rossi – Gravedad – Making Of

Singer: Chiara Rossi Composed by: M.Patini – C.Rossi – D.Longo – M.Caboni GRAVEDAD Adaptación al español por Marisa Menflor del tema italiano: “GRAVITÀ”, de Chiara Rossi Sigo aquí, colgada sí, ligera vuelo sin la gravedadBlanco el cielo, bajo mis pies, vacío solo sin la gravedadTodo está aquí, en torno a mí, ves solo amor y Chiara Rossi – Gravedad – Making Of